Saturday, July 9, 2016


Seconds, minutes, hours away
Silence, boredom and time ticks away
Thoughts and shadows
Passes slowly by

Waiting, waiting, waiting
To die

Should I be scared
Should I be glad, as time ticks slowly by
Who will miss me, who will be sad
I wonder will anyone be mad

And who will I miss
With time passing by

My life wasn't so bad
My life wasn't so good

Will I have life after I die
As I lay here fully awoke
I know I'm alive because with
Every breath I take pain shakes me
Will pain and I always be partners
Or will death be my friend
And take my partner pain away

I have done some wrongs
I have done some good
But I ave never really understood
The changes in my life
Have brought me to this
In spite all the things I did in my youth

I'm searching hard for answers
These days, some I found I knew all alone
I'm starting to see my picture more clearly

As I wait, and wait for death at my door
I wonder will it come like the night all dark
And cold or sweet, like the morning songs of singing birds

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