Tuesday, July 5, 2016

This is me and two of my beautiful and handsome grandchildren, This is when I was living in a apartment off Berry street. A lot have happened since this day. They are older and so am I. It's hard for me who likes to write to not write too much, but just enough to be interesting to others. I am just a little tired and bored right now.  I have planed a lot to do this year, and so far it's going as plan. I am working on getting another book published don't know when I will get it paid for yet.
     Really working on getting closer to my God, and been writing a lot of poems. Here's one I wrote:


You are mines
Honor me
Have you forsaking me
Turned your backs on God
Have you replaced me with gagets

Is the light you see me
Or the ipod, TV, computer
Is what fires you up
The Holy Ghost
Or something you drink

Am I your Rock
Or Rock-Stars, Super Stars, Movie Stars
Is your dream Mansion here
Or in Heaven with me

How much of your time are you given me
Are you looking up to see my face
Or your own for a self picture

Let me obey my God
Let me be his child forever
The lights I see is Jesus light
The Mansion I live in will be in Heaven
Let me aim for Heavenly things
Let my business be helping more people

Not gaining more things
If I spend time doing these things it will be
Time well spent
How much time do I have to be with
The Holy One.

By Cynthia B. Williams
June 23, 2016

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